Choose Your Own Pricing

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Selected courses and Ground Schools here at Pilot Proficient are sold under our custom Choose Your Own Pricing model. Here is how it works, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions about the pricing structure: 

Choose Your Own Pricing: A pricing structure where the cost of the course is determined by the consumer/student, based on the perceived value of the course material after completion of the program. After completion of a course utilizing the CYOP model, you’ll be directed to our payment interface, where you can provide input about the course, and choose to pay a price which you feel is commensurate with the value you derived from the course material.

Why Choose Your Own Pricing? We have found that potential customers/students can be put off by the prospect of paying up front for a course, combined with the perceived potential for over-payment (i.e. will the course material be worth the money spent? Will I be disappointed and have trouble getting a refund?). They want to be assured of getting great value in exchange for their money, and to be comfortable with their decision. We’re very confident in the value provided by all of our courses, and we keep the improvement and promotion of aviation as our first priority, followed by revenue.  Additionally, pilots in general have proven to be an honest, upstanding group of people, who are generally fair-minded. That is why we’re comfortable selling selected courses using the CYOP model.

Q: Is a Choose Your Own Price Course a free course? 

A: No. We work very hard on our courses, and intend to sell them at a fair price. If you elect to take a Pilot Proficient CYOP course and pay nothing, that is perfectly fine; however, when you do so, you are indicating that the ground school was so bad, you did not receive any value or benefit from the course material at all. Since we rigorously test each of our courses before it goes live using a group of beta testers, we know that this scenario is very unlikely, and would be very interested in hearing more specific input. Please don’t take a CYOP course if you do not intend to pay for it; that would not be fair to the students and customers who did pay.

Q: Are there pricing guidelines for CYOP courses? 

A: Yes. With a Choose Your Own Price course, we try to provide the pricing of courses in the same general category up front (for example, some other online ground school providers charge between $79.00 and $249.00 for their Multi Engine Ground School courses). If no pricing guidelines are provided, feel free to pay what you believe is an appropriate price, taking into account the value your received and the time, effort and resources that went into creating the course (for example, the cost of hours and hours of airplane flight time, video editing and narration, consultation with subject matter experts, beta testing, etc., as well as the cost and effort to keep up this website).

Q: Which courses are currently sold under the CYOP model? 

Multi Engine Ground School