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Pilot Proficient Domestic RVSM Certification Course


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This course satisfies the requirements listed in FAA Advisory Circular 91-85(a), for  pilot training on Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Airspace.

Successful completion of all course segments and quizzes will result in a Certificate of Completion. This training record may be used as documentation of the training required by AC 91-85(a), and in obtaining RVSM authorization or flying for an operator already authorized for RVSM.

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See what previous customers have to say about the Pilot Proficient RVSM Course:

“After having flown RVSM worldwide since it was implemented I was in need of RVSM training “refresher” to satisfy the need of an employer.  I have to admit that I shopped “by price”, and found you can pay as much as $199 for this course online.  I chose Pilot Proficient for $39 and was not disappointed!  As a professional aviation educator myself I found the course well organized, interesting, informative and well-paced.  Not at all like some other online courses where I have found myself thinking: “can’t I just fast-forward to the end and take the test – PLEASE”.  I heartily recommend this course for anyone needing either initial or recurrent DRVSM training.
Dan W.
FAA ATP, CFI, CFII, Advanced Ground Instructor
FAR Part 142 Instructor Pilot and TCE
Contract Pilot – Global Express”

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Multi Engine Ground School Preview

This course is a sneak preview of the Multi Engine Ground School. The full course includes  hours of narrated video and in-flight footage, and 7 lessons with multiple sub-topics. At the end of the Multi Engine Ground School, you will be familiar with all the pertinent Multi Engine subject areas. 

To take a look at the Preview, just click below. 

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Garmin G1000 Introduction Course – Free!

Get introduced to the Garmin G1000 avionics suite with our free course. This course is an excellent introduction for pilots who have never flown the G1000, and is presented in simple PDF format. It was originally designed for an in-person presentation, but is included here to help you become familiarized with the basic functionality and pilot inputs of the G1000.

Please keep in mind, this course is not comprehensive and covers mainly basic features of the system. It also references the KAP 140 autopilot unit, which may or may not be present in your aircraft. This course is not designed to substitute for a thorough review of the Pilot’s Operating Handbook for your aircraft or any applicable POH supplements and Pilot’s Guides.

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Multi Engine Ground School

This multimedia course will provide you with the ground knowledge to become a safe and proficient multi engine pilot. Now you can benefit from thousands of hours of instructional and real-world multi engine experience and hard-earned aviation wisdom, condensed into clear, manageable audio/video course modules. We’ve taken out the fluff and provided you with the most critical information you will need to pass your multi engine check ride, but more importantly, the knowledge you’ll gain throughout this ground school will help you fly yourself and your passengers with confidence and enhanced safety. This course is an excellent resource for those just starting their multi engine rating, or pilots who are coming back to flying twins and are looking for a refresher, and has been upgraded and tweaked through several cycles after review by more than 60 beta testers.

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