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Welcome to Pilot Proficient Aviation Training. We provide online training courses and Ground Schools to help you improve your aviation skills. From specific subject areas pertinent to certificates, ratings or endorsements, to broad aviation topics or frequently misunderstood niche areas of learning, Pilot Proficient has you covered. 

Aviation is demanding of your time, attention, and focus, whether you fly for fun or have your sights set on a flying career. As aviation professionals, we are all too aware of the demands of earning new certificates and ratings, and maintaining proficiency. A safe pilot is always learning, and our engaging and fun multimedia training courses help provide you with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. 

Increase your Proficiency, Increase your Safety, and Increase your Confidence when flying by utilizing our online training. Become the pilot you want to be, on your own schedule. 

Of course, you want to be assured that your online training dollars are spent wisely and that you’ll get your money’s worth.  We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the course material, but if you’re not satisfied, just tell us why and we’ll refund your money immediately.

 We hope you’ll find an online course here which meets your needs; if not, please join our mailing list as we update our offerings regularly.

Below, find the links to our main course offerings, including the Multi Engine Ground School, Domestic RVSM Course, and Canadian Operations Course. All courses include clear and instructive video and multi media footage, concise and informative presentations and, where applicable, challenging quizzes for each module. 

                 Domestic RVSM Course:                                  Multi Engine Ground School:


                                                                 Canadian Operations Course: