C90 Overhead Panel
Windshield Wiper ControlMaster Cockpit Light SwitchFree Air Temp Light SwitchLimitations PlacardLighting ControlsOverhead Outlet

Windshield Wiper Control

The windshield wiper control has positions for Fast, Slow, and Park, which returns the wiper to its original position. Never operate the windshield wiper on a dry windshield.

Master Cockpit Light Switch

The Master Cockpit Light Switch controls power to the cockpit light sources; it can be thought of as a "Day/Night" switch.

Free Air Temp Light Switch

This switch illuminates the outside air temp gauge, which is usually located adjacent the pilot's elbow.

Limitations Placard

Most King Airs have a placard with useful airspeed limitations positioned on the overhead panel.

Lighting Controls

The lighting intensity is turned to the maximum output by rotating the knob for the respective light fully clockwise. Rotating the knob counter-clockwise past the detent will shut off the selected light.

Overhead Outlet

The overhead, Wemac-style air outlets are adjustable for position and airflow.