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Are you a charter operation or corporate flight department with a need to provide your employees and pilots with online learning material to supplement their roles?

We specialize in online flight training, with over 10 years’ of experience and an average course rating of 4.5/5 from our students, so you are in the right place. We offer graded packages to suit all of your training requirements, and the experience to back up our courseware.

Our students love our courses, we are confident yours will too! We handle everything from the technical of access to embedding our content into your own training portal, with offerings to suit any school’s budget and needs.

Offer your students access to our highly rated online training catalog

Reviews average almost five stars

Taylor made content to fit your training syllabus

Do you have specific syllabus requirements to suit your aviation operation? We can help. We can send you everything necessary to take the required recordings without us needing to set foot on your airfield, then Pilot Proficient handles all the rest (narration, editing, polished infographics and hosting/technical access) or, if you would rather, we can come to you and handle the entire process end to end.

Contact us with more information on your requirements and needs and to have a chat with one of our aviation experts

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Get new employees trained faster and track results for compliance.

You may already have some content delivered face-to-face, or through old paperbacks, but something is missing:

  • You need consistent tracking and reporting.
  • Finding too much variability in employee uptake?
  • Need to reduce training overhead?

Aviation organizations who use our content in conjunction with face-to-face training report a higher rate of confidence in their students and a quicker learning curve. Employees are empowered to supplement their face-to-face learning journey with online content, on their own schedule, however they learn best.