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This multimedia course will provide you with the ground knowledge to become a safe and proficient multi engine pilot. Now you can benefit from thousands of hours of instructional and real-world multi engine experience and hard-earned aviation wisdom, condensed into clear, manageable audio/video course modules. We’ve taken out the fluff and provided you with the most critical information you will need to pass your multi engine check ride, but more importantly, the knowledge you’ll gain throughout this ground school will help you fly yourself and your passengers with confidence and enhanced safety. This course is an excellent resource for those just starting their multi engine rating, or pilots who are coming back to flying twins and are looking for a refresher, and has been upgraded and tweaked through several cycles after review by more than 60 beta testers

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Successful completion of the course and 80% or higher scores on all quizzes earns you a Certificate of Completion

The Multi Engine Ground School is not specific to any particular aircraft or certificate level (Private, Commercial, ATP, etc.), but rather covers topics which are pertinent to all Multi Engine operations. It is an excellent supplement to one-on-one instruction with your MEI and your own self-directed study, and the course segments covered are listed below (each course segment features multiple individual course topics as shown in the screenshot below). If you have questions about the course content or application, please contact us through the site and we’ll get back to you right away!

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The Pilot Proficient Multi Engine Ground School is accepted by the FAA for WINGS Credit
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