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Pilot Proficient’s multimedia self-paced course is designed to familiarize pilots with the revolutionary Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics package.  From start up to shut down, departure procedures to missed approaches, this course will help prepare you to operate this very capable system and ease your transition into the official training materials.

The course is not a replacement for an official or approved training program but is an excellent supplement that will accelerate your understanding of this unique and capable avionics package.

Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Couse Includes:

Online training and Course options

Compare us with the other options available for Proline Fusion training and we hope you will find Pilot Proficient competitively priced and easy to navigate.  

Collins Aerospace online training lists their Fusion course at $860 per seat.  We have worked hard to bring you a quality course for less, with an easy to use online interface and friendly customer service.

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Pilot Proficient stands behind every course we offer with our Quality Promise.

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Intuitiveness is designed into every point of interaction with Pro Line Fusion. Navigate quickly and smoothly from screen to screen – whether through the tap and drag gestures of the full touch screen or with the trackball interface. Advanced graphics, intuitive icons and display window configurability make it easy to get the right information at the right time. Reduce workload, minimize distractions and speed operation with our flight management system user interface. It organizes data by phase of flight, so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Graphical Flight Planning

Interactive map symbols enable point-and-click navigation on a full moving map display.

Touch-control Flight Displays

Flight planning, aircraft performance monitoring, hazard
avoidance capability, and more, are at your fingertips. Easy to understand icons make the system intuitive to use.

MultiScan™ Weather Radar

Know what’s ahead with hands-free, automated weather detection and analysis. Scans the skies from nose to 320 NM.

Head-up Guidance System with synthetic vision

Integrates the terrain database with real-time flight information
for a perspective view of the outside world, bringing extensive
situational awareness with natural, eyes-forward flying.