Proline Fusion Familiarization Course Preview

Take a look at our Rockwell Collins Proline Fusion Familiarization Course Preview here, to help decide if the course is right for you. Remember, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! 

A few years ago, the word came down that a new airplane was coming to our management company: a King Air 350i with the Proline Fusion avionics system! I was excited to become familiar with the new airplane, learn the avionics and, oh yeah, earn my type rating too.
As I began poring over the books and preparing for my in-airplane training, between learning the aircraft systems, speeds, limitations and emergency procedures, I also began looking for an online course to familiarize myself with the Rockwell Collins avionics. Not having any experience with Collins Proline avionics, I was sure I should be able to find a course to familiarize myself with the basic features and functionality of the system, so that when I got in the airplane (initially in the right seat as copilot), I could hold my own and be of service. Then, when conducting my training and preparing for the check ride, I would use that familiarity to hone and improve my skills in the left seat. The real-world application of some straightforward functions was what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, the only online course I could find was by the manufacturer, and while it provided a wealth of technical data (individual component part numbers, anyone?) and some basic controls and inputs, there was no video demonstration, and the actual processes that one would use in the cockpit during actual flight operations were vague and glossed over.

I was looking for a tool to avoid embarrassing myself in the cockpit, and what I found was not quite doing the trick. What I really required was a course to take me through the practical application of technical knowledge gained by reading the user manual. Since then, I’ve flown hundreds of hours with the Fusion system as well as attending recurrent training events, and have gained some valuable insight into its operation during that time. I still remember my anxiousness when trying to learn the system initially, and I believe we can now help others in the same situation with our new offering, the Pilot Proficient Rockwell Collins Proline Fusion Familiarization Course. We hope you choose to go forward and take the full course after reviewing the preview below, but if not, perhaps we can help with another offering in the future. In any case, thanks for taking a look!