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Anyone adjacent to aviation is aware of the costs of the field.  We find and dedicate time for course production and rent equipment and airplanes as necessary to get the footage needed for these courses. As you probably know, these costs can add up, and we can’t “sell” enough free courses to make the investment back. 

Our request

If you’ve enjoyed one of the paired courses, for example, our upcoming Cessna 172 Introduction course, and are looking to dive further into the subject matter; we’d like to invite you to purchase the in-depth Cessna 172 Familiarization course.  As a token of our appreciation for your patronage, we’ll even send over a coupon email (after successfully completing all the tests, of course).


We're going to be increasing the focus on free course creation

We don’t wish to mislead anyone: Pilot Proficient LLC is a for-profit company, and we don’t have any hesitation to charge prices which are commensurate with the great value we provide to you when you purchase one of our training courses. While our core business will remain paid online aviation training, we will also continue to produce high-quality material which is completely free. We do this for two reasons: 

1. To increase our contacts with the aviation community, and to demonstrate the positive outcomes which our courses can provide for you. 

2. To contribute in our own way to the education of new and experienced pilots alike. Communicating some of this hard-earned information has become an important pillar of our organization. 

Gavin and Nathan have been working on different methods to increase funding for free course creation without placing any restrictions on the courses. 

  • Free and Paid course pairing

When we create a full, paid course, take for example our Cessna 172 Familiarization Course, it can be paired with a free variant to the course which is a little shorter but still packed with useful information to Aviators everywhere.  The free course will act as a primer and introduction to the paid course, but will be robust and beneficial enough to stand on its own.

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