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Pro Line Fusion Segment 9 – Tips & Tricks

We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from the Pro Line Fusion Pilot Familiarization Course; we’ll leave you with a few useful tips and tricks to help you in working with the Fusion system. Thank you for taking the course!

Pro Line Fusion Course Introduction

Here, you’ll find the Course Introduction and Overview of the Pilot Proficient Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Pilot Familiarization Course. Note: This course will launch soon at $399.00. Sign up below to be notified prior to the course launch and save $25.00!  [mc4wp_form id=”12344″]

Canadian Operations Course Segment 3 – CANPASS/Telephone Reporting

This course segment will familiarize you with the CANPASS/Telephone Reporting Centre and Canadian Airports of Entry.  Pertinent Links:  CANPASS/Telephone Reporting Centre phone number: 1-888-226-7277 List of AOE/15 Airports for use by unscheduled, private general aviation aircraft:  

Canadian Operations Course Segment 1 – Overview and DTOPS

This course segment will demonstrate an overview of the logistics behind conducting a safe and legal General Aviation trip between the USA and Canada. It will also cover the process for obtaining your DTOPS sticker. Pertinent Links:  DTOPS (Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System):

Domestic RVSM Course Module 4, Consequences of Height Keeping Errors

This final segment of the Pilot Proficient Domestic RVSM Course will discuss some possible consequences of height-keeping errors while in RVSM, and will briefly discuss the certification/authorization process.  Various official sources of information were used to compile the course material you have been viewing. Here is a list with links to the most pertinent:  FAA …

Domestic RVSM Course Module 4, Consequences of Height Keeping Errors Read More »

Domestic RVSM Course Module 3, RVSM Operating Procedures

This Module will introduce you to normal procedures for RVSM flying, including: Pre-Flight Procedures and Checks Flight Planning RVSM Procedures before, during and after flight in RVSM. FAA Reports Watch the course video, and take the Module 3 quiz to move on to the final course segment!


Thank you for taking the Multi Engine Ground School. We hope that the knowledge you have gained will provide a solid base for all of your multi engine flying, and that you will consistently adhere to the principles that keep pilots safe: Know your airplane: study the POH/AFM, the limitations, performance charts, and normal and …

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