C90 Center Pedestal

C90 Center Pedestal
Pressurization ControllerCabin Pressurization SwitchFlap ControlFriction LocksTrim Controls

Pressurization Controller

The pressurization controller must be set as noted in the AFM.

Cabin Pressurization Switch

The pressurization switch can be set to the PRESSURIZE, DUMP or TEST positions.

Flap Control

The flap control is guarded against inadvertent actuation by a metal tab, and can be set to the APPROACH or DOWN position, as well as incremental positions between APPROACH and DOWN.


Friction Locks

There are friction locks for the power lever, propeller and condition controls. It is especially important to confirm that the power lever friction locks are tight prior to takeoff.

Trim Controls

The trim controls must be checked for proper position prior to takeoff, in accordance with the check list.