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Our mission is to provide the best online multimedia aviation courses to make your training efficient and enjoyable. It can be overwhelming to sort through the many references and dry textbooks available to find the critical information you need to pass your check ride and be a safer, more knowledgeable pilot.

For the people with the resources to learn to fly or further their flight training, time is often in short supply. To that end, each course is focused on the key pieces of information and formatted to be presented efficiently, allowing you to focus on the important material, not studying random sections of text.

We stand behind every course in our catalogue and look forward to helping you on your aviation journey.  We enjoy the industry and try to keep active on social media as well, reach out if you’d like to catch up and talk aviation.

Meet Our Team

With over 15 years experience as a flight instructor, you're in good hands.

Gavin Leake

Gavin Leake

Lead Instructor

 I am a Certified Flight Instructor and aviation professional, and the founder of this website. I have been involved in the industry since 2005 as a flight instructor, ATP and charter pilot, Chief Pilot, Check Airman and aircraft broker, and in that time have built valuable experience. I’ve learned many lessons along the way, and I hope to use that experience to help make your learning experience quicker and more enjoyable.

Nathan Foreman

Nathan Foreman

Media and Course Management

Quality Content needs a Quality Platform!  With years of IT experience I work with Gavin to make sure that Pilot Proficient provides an immersive and functional learning platform.  

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