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G500 System

Free Garmin G500 Familiarization Course

Get ready for your next flight with the Garmin G500 or G600 avionics system

Free Flight Review Course

Satisfies the requirements of 61.56(a); Ground Instruction toward a Flight Review

Pro Line Fusion Familiarization Course

Familiarize yourself with the revolutionary Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics package! This course will help prepare you to operate this very capable system and ease your transition into the official training materials.
Canadian Operations Map

Canadian Operations Course – Part 91 General Aviation

Free for enrolled users, the Canadian Operations Course is designed to help you fly confidently, safely and legally between the USA and Canada. Looking to fly your own airplanes to Canada for fishing, business, or pleasure? Don't be intimidated by the international operation.
Flying High

Domestic RVSM Course

This course satisfies the requirements listed in FAA Advisory Circular 91-85(b), for pilot training on Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Airspace.Successful completion of all course segments and quizzes will result in a Certificate of Completion.
Free Preview

Multi Engine Ground School Preview

Not sure if you're ready for the Multi Engine course take this free preview out for a spin.
Garmin G1000 installation

Garmin G1000 Introduction Course

This course is an excellent introduction for pilots who have never flown the G1000, and is presented in simple PDF format.
MEGS Multi Engine Course

Multi Engine Ground School Course

Become a safe and proficient multi engine pilot while gaining FAA Wings Credit! Now you can benefit from thousands of hours of instructional and real-world multi engine experience and hard-earned aviation wisdom, condensed into clear, manageable audio/video course modules.

What Other Proficient Pilots Have Said

Everything worked well. Great system!
military raptor, jet, f-22
Kelvin E
RVSM Certification Course
Thanks much. Great program!
aircraft, plane, hatz cb-1
Roger R
RVSM Certification Course
After having flown RVSM worldwide since it was implemented I was in need of RVSM training “refresher” to satisfy the need of an employer. I have to admit that I shopped “by price”, and found you can pay as much as $199 for this course online. I chose Pilot Proficient for $39 and was not disappointed!
aircraft, manchester, jet
Dan W
FAA ATP, CFI, CFII, Advanced Ground Instructor