C90 Copilot Sub Panel

C90 Copilot Sub Panel
Warn Horn SilenceLanding Gear J HookVent BlowerBleed Air ValvesElectric HeatManual Temp INCR/DECRAuto Temp ControlTemp Mode Selector

Warn Horn Silence

The Warning Horn Silence button allows the flight crew to silence the landing gear warning horn when its activation is due solely to a low power setting.

Landing Gear J Hook

The solenoid-activated J-Hook helps prevent inadvertent landing gear retraction on the ground, and releases via a squat switch once the airplane is in flight. If the J-Hook fails to release, it can be manually overridden with the DN LOCK RELEASE button to the left of the landing gear handle.

Vent Blower

The Vent Blower has 3 positions: AUTO, LO and HIGH. In AUTO mode, the fan will run in Low mode unless commanded by the environmental system to move to HIGH. LOW and HIGH positions allow the fan to run at the selected speed constantly.

Bleed Air Valves

The Bleed Air Valves can be opened and closed individually, allowing environmental and pressurization airflow into the pressurization vessel.

Electric Heat

The optional electric heat system features Normal and Ground Max modes for additional heating.

Manual Temp INCR/DECR

The Manual Temperature Increase/Decrease switch is for use when the environmental system is in Manual Heat or Manual Cool mode. Holding the switch in the desired position manually moves the temperature bypass valve at each air-to-air heat exchanger in order to effect the desired change. It takes approximately 30 seconds for each valve to move to the full open or full closed position.

Auto Temp Control

This control selects the temperature when the environmental system is in the AUTO mode.

Temp Mode Selector

The temperature mode selector knob allows selection of Automatic, Manual Heat and Manual Cool modes. NOTE: Turning the temperature selector knob OFF and the vent blower switch to AUTO is the only way to turn the vent blower off.