C90 Pressurization and Flap Indications

C90 Pressurization and Flap Indications
Elevator Tab Control SwitchYaw DampCabin Rate of ClimbCabin Altitude and Differential PressureFlap IndicatorLanding Gear Lights

Elevator Tab Control Switch

The electric elevator trim switch is sometimes located above the power lever quadrant. This switch provides power to the electric elevator trim system and serves as a backup method of turning off power in the event of an elevator trim runaway.

Yaw Damp

The yaw damp helps isolate excessive yaw forces, and should be turned off for takeoff and landing.

Cabin Rate of Climb

The Cabin Rate of Climb instrument shows the change in cabin altitude as a rate of climb or descent.

Cabin Altitude and Differential Pressure

Cabin altitude is displayed by the long needle, while the current differential pressure is denoted by the short needle. The red line on the differential pressure scale indicates the maximum allowable differential pressure.

Flap Indicator

The current flap position will be shown by the flap indicator. After selection of a flap setting, it's important to verify that the flaps have actually attained the desired position.

Landing Gear Lights

Landing gear lights feature a push-to-test function, and depending on serial number may also have a "cat's eye" system which allows dimming of the light's brightness by a rotating lens assembly. The nose gear light in this image has the "cat's eye" fully closed.