King Air 200 Annunciator Panel
SparesDC GEN LightsL/R ICE VANE EXTL/R AUTO FEATHER AnnunciatorL/R ICE VANE EXTL/R IGNITION ON annunciatorsL/R BL AIR OFFLANDING LIGHTBATTERY CHARGE AnnunciatorPROP SYNC ON AnnunciatorCABIN DOOR AnnunciatorCAUT LENGEND OFF AnnunciatorRVS NOT READY AnnunciatorEXT PWR AnnunciatorAIR COND N1 LOW AnnunciatorPAX OXY ON AnnunciatorFUEL CROSSFEED AnnunciatorDuct Overtemp Annunciator


These blank annunciator spots are for optional equipment.

DC GEN Lights

Shows that the Left or Right Generator is offline.


This annunciator will illuminate when the affected (Left or Right) ice vane has not reached the selected position within 15 seconds.

L/R AUTO FEATHER Annunciator

This green status annunciator illuminates when the affected side's autofeather system is armed. During takeoff, both AUTOFEATHER annunciators will illuminate once both power levers have advanced beyond approximately 88% N1, when the autofeather switch is in the ARM position.


These green status annunciators will illuminate when the indicated side's Ice Vane has reached the extended position.

L/R IGNITION ON annunciators

The Left and/or Right IGNITION ON annunciators will illuminate during engine start, and when the auto-ignition system is active. The auto-ignition system will activate whenever the system is armed and the torque is below 400 Ft.-Lbs.


The Left or Right Bleed Air Off annunciator will illuminate when the Bleed Air switch for the affected side is in the ENVIR OFF or INST & ENVIR OFF position.


The LANDING LIGHT or LDG/TAXI LIGHT annunciator (depending on aircraft s/n) will illuminate when the landing gear has been retracted but the associated lights have been left on.


The BATTERY CHARGE annunciator will illuminate when the charging rate of the battery is excessive. This annunciator is a holdover from when many King Air aircraft were equipped with Nickel Cadmium batteries. These batteries were more sensitive to overcharging than the Lead-Acid batteries with which most King Airs are now equipped. Many King Air 200s with the BATTERY CHARGE annunciator have had this system and light disabled once converted to a lead-acid battery.

PROP SYNC ON Annunciator

The PROP SYNC ON annunciator will illuminate when the landing gear is extended with the propeller synchrophaser switch in the On position.

CABIN DOOR Annunciator

The CABIN DOOR annunciator will illuminate whenever the cabin door is not fully latched; it is activated when a switch in the door frame is not satisfied by the door's bayonet pin.


The Caution Legend OFF annunciator will illuminate when the Caution Override switch is engaged; this annunciator alerts the flight crew to the fact that one or more amber Caution annunciators have been extinguished, but the faults that caused them are still active.

RVS NOT READY Annunciator

The Reverse Not Ready annunciator will illuminate when the landing gear has been extended, but the propellers are not in the full forward position. Reverse will still be work, but the maximum range of RPMs will not be available.

This caution annunciator will illuminate when the conditioned bleed air in the environmental system ducts is too hot. Selecting a lower cabin temperature setting, selecting the vent blower HI position and turning the Aft Blower on may all help cool the duct air temperature.

EXT PWR Annunciator

The External Power annunciator will illuminate when an external power source is plugged in.

AIR COND N1 LOW Annunciator

The Air Conditioning N1 Low Annunciator will illuminate when the temperature selection requires air conditioning, but the right engine N1 setting is too low for the air conditioning compressor to engage. Increasing the right engine N1 by setting the Condition Lever to High Idle should extinguish the annunciator.

PAX OXY ON Annunciator

The Passenger Oxygen On annunciator will illuminate when the passenger oxygen masks have deployed, either through the automatic deployment system or the Passenger Manual Dropout knob.


The Fuel Crossfeed annunciator indicates that Crossfeed has been selected.

Duct Overtemp Annunciator

The Duct Overtemp annunciator will illuminate when the air in the heating ducts is too hot. Selecting a lower cabin temperature, turning the vent blower to High, and activating the aft blower, if equipped, may all help to cool the duct temperature.