King Air 200 Breaker Panel
Weather ChangerEngineLightsEnvironmentalElectricalWarningElectrical Flight Instruments & EquipmentAvionicsAvionics MasterFurnishings

Weather Changer

Circuit Breakers for weather equipment


These are circuit breakers for engine and indicating equipment.


These are breakers for lighting equipment.


These breakers are for environmental systems like the Bleed Air controls and pressurization.


These breakers are for important electrical systems like the Generator Control Units. Note the high amperage ratings on the Number 1 and Number 2 Bus Feeder breakers.


These breakers are for the installed warning systems, like the one which illuminates the red landing gear handle lights and activates the warning horn to prevent gear-up landings.

Electrical Flight Instruments & Equipment

These breakers provide power for electrically powered flight instruments or systems, like the electric pitch trim.


These breakers provide power for the various installed avionics equipment.

Avionics Master

Since voltage is required to remove power from the avionics relays, pulling the Avionics Master circuit breaker may restore power to the avionics in the event of an avionics master switch failure.


Breakers for electrical passenger or crew convenience items, like a "cigar lighter".