King Air 200 Copilots Right Sub-panel
Gyro SuctionCabin Air TemperatureMic SwitchOxygen PressurePneumatic Pressure InstrumentCopilot Air Control

Gyro Suction

This instrument displays the suction available to the flight instruments requiring it. The green arc is placarded with an altitude range, since this pressure will vary with altitude. Gyro suction is available when at least one Bleed Air switch is positioned in the ENVIR OFF or OPEN position.

Cabin Air Temperature

The Cabin Air Temperature instrument relays the approximate ambient temperature in the passenger compartment to the flight crew, so that appropriate temperature control adjustments can be made. Keep in mind that there is some delay between making a temperature adjustment and seeing that change reflected on the instrument.

Mic Switch

This switch changes the microphone audio input from the standard headset jack to the microphone on the quick-donning crew oxygen mask.

Oxygen Pressure

This instrument indicates the pressure contained within the integral supplemental oxygen tank installed in the empennage of the airplane. The reading may vary with both altitude and temperature. Ensure that only Aviator's Breathing Oxygen is used to service this system. Refer to the POH for oxygen duration charts.

Pneumatic Pressure Instrument

The Pneumatic Pressure gauge indicates the pressure available to the pneumatic equipment; for example the deice boots. Pneumatic pressure will be zero when both Bleed Air valves are in the INST & ENVIR OFF position.

Copilot Air Control

Squeeze the handle and move the Copilot Air knob to control the airflow to the copilot area.