King Air 200 Engine Instruments
ITTTorquePropeller RPMCompressor Speed / N1Fuel FlowOil Temperature/Oil Pressure Gauges


The Interstage Turbine Temperature, or ITT instruments measure temperature between the compressor and combustion sections of the engine. The PT6A-41 and PT6A-42 engines have the same maximum starting temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius. -41 engines have a maximum continuous ITT of 750 degrees, as shown here, while the -42 engines have a max continuous ITT of 800 degrees.


The torque gauges measure torque at the two-stage reduction gearbox, where the high-speed, low torque rotation of the turbine engine is converted to the low-speed, high torque rotation of the propeller. When the RPMS are reduced using the propeller levers or when power is added via the power levers, torque will increase. -41 and -42 engines have a maximum continuous torque of 2,230 ft.-lbs.

Propeller RPM

The propeller RPM, or Np instrument, shows the current propeller speed. When outside of the governing range (below 1600 RPM), the power levers will affect the propeller RPMs, while when inside the governing range (1,600-2,000 RPM) the propeller levers will set the RPM.

Compressor Speed / N1

The N1 gauge, sometimes called Ng, shows the speed of the compressor (gas generator) section of each engine. In addition to monitoring ITT and Torque, the pilot must ensure that the N1 red line is not exceeded. Max continuous N1 speed is 38,100 RPM.

Fuel Flow

The fuel flow instruments show the current fuel consumption in Pounds Per Hour.

Oil Temperature/Oil Pressure Gauges

Maximum oil temperature is 99 Celsius, and oil pressure as high as 200 PSI may be seen during starts in extremely cold weather. Minimum oil pressure is 60 PSI, and minimum oil temperature for starting is -40 Celsius.