King Air 200 Overhead Panel
Instrument LightingMaster Panel Lights SwitchWindshield Wiper SwitchAirspeedsLoad MetersAC Volt MeterOAT Light

Instrument Lighting

When the master panel lights are on, the intensity of the lighting for various equipment and areas of the cockpit can be adjusted for pilot comfort and visibility.

Master Panel Lights Switch

Turn on for night operations.

Windshield Wiper Switch

The windshield wiper switch will remain in the Slow or Fast positions when selected, but is spring-loaded to return to the Off position from the Park position. Use Park to return the wiper blades to their center position. Do not use the windshield wipers on dry glass.


Most King Airs have a placard on or near the overhead panel with pertinent V-Speeds.

Load Meters

The DC Load Meters show the electrical load being placed on each generator, expressed as a percentage of maximum. Pressing the button in the lower left corner will display system voltage.

AC Volt Meter

The AC volt/frequency meter shows the output of the selected AC Inverter. Pressing the button will show AC frequency.

OAT Light

Pressing the Outside Air Temp light button will illuminate the OAT instrument, which is usually located adjacent the pilot's left elbow.