King Air 200 Pilot Left Sub-panel
Ice VanesPilot's Static Air SourceBattery Master and Generator SwitchesMic SwitchAvionics Master SwitchAuto-Ignition SwitchesAuto Feather SwitchManual Ice Vane HandlesOverspeed Governor Test SwitchPilot Air Control KnobInverter SwitchIgnition and Engine Start Switches

Ice Vanes

The Ice Vanes should be extended when the ambient temperature is 5 Celsius or below, and in conditions of visible moisture.

Pilot's Static Air Source

This switch allows the pilot to change to the Alternate static source. A metal guard must be removed in order to activate the alternate static switch, and it will only provide static information for the pilot-side flight instruments.

Battery Master and Generator Switches

The battery master and both generator switches are all located under a gang bar, so that all three may be conveniently shut off at once. The generator switches are spring-loaded to return from the Reset position to the On position.

Mic Switch

This switch allows the pilot to change audio input from the standard headset jack to the installed quick donning oxygen mask microphone.

Avionics Master Switch

Controls power to all installed avionics equipment.

Auto-Ignition Switches

Arms or disarms the auto-ignition system, which when armed will activate automatically when torques drop below 400 flt-lbs.

Auto Feather Switch

Must be armed for takeoff and landing. In the TEST position, disables the power lever microswitches in order to allow testing of the system at a lower power setting.

Manual Ice Vane Handles

The manual ice vane handles allow the pilot to extend and retract the ice vanes in the event of a malfunction of the electric actuators. Once the backup ice vane handles have been used, they override the electric actuation system, and the electric ice vane actuators will not work again until reset by maintenance personnel.

Overspeed Governor Test Switch

Re-indexes the Overspeed Governor's engagement RPM to approximately 1,830 RPM to allow a test of the governor without exceeding published engine or propeller limitations.

Pilot Air Control Knob

Controls the flow of air to the pilot-side cockpit.

Inverter Switch

Select an Inverter using this switch. It is recommended to check the operation of both inverters prior to flight.

Ignition and Engine Start Switches

In the Ignition & Engine Start position, the starter will spin the compressor section of the engine and the igniters will fire. In the Starter Only position, the starter will spin the engine but no spark will be supplied. The switch is spring-loaded to return from the Starter Only position, but will latch in the Ignition & Engine Start position.