King Air 200 Pilots Right Sub-panel
Landing Gear HandleDownlock J-HookWindshield Heat SwitchesDeice Boot SwitchStall Warning Vane HeatPitot Heat SwitchesFuel Vent HeatExternal Lighting SwitchesPropeller Heat SwitchesBeacon and Strobe Light SwitchesLanding Gear Indication LightsGear Warning Horn Silence ButtonProp SynchrophaserDefrost Air Knob

Landing Gear Handle

The landing gear handle must be pulled out before it can be moved to the Up or Down position. The handle has two red warning lights, on the top and bottom of the handle, which can be tested by pressing the Handle Light Test button to the right of the handle.

Downlock J-Hook

The landing gear downlock J-Hook is a solenoid-actuated device which engages when there is weight on the main gear. When weight is removed from the main gear, the J-Hook is retracted, allowing the gear handle to be moved to the UP position. To allow retraction of the landing gear in the event of a squat switch or solenoid failure, there is a backup manual Downlock Release button placed adjacent to the gear handle. f the J-Hook fails to move out of the way of the gear handle after takeoff, press the Downlock Release button in order to allow the gear handle to be moved.

Windshield Heat Switches

Operation of the pilot and copilot heated windshields is controlled by the Windshield Anti-Ice switches. When in the Normal position, the entire windshield is heated evenly. In the High position, a higher level of heat is supplied to a smaller area of the windshields. A temperature between 95 and 105 degrees F is normally maintained.

Deice Boot Switch

When the Deice Cycle Single position is selected, the wing deice boots will inflate first, followed by the tail boots. When Manual is selected, all boots will inflate at the same time.

Stall Warning Vane Heat

The Stall Warning Heat switch heats the stall vane, allowing it to function in icing conditions. While the heat applied to the stall vane is a lesser amount when the airplane is on the ground, it is still not recommended to leave the stall warning heat on for extended ground operations.

Pitot Heat Switches

Controls power to the pilot and copilot side heated pitot tubes.

Fuel Vent Heat

Controls power to the heated external fuel vents.

External Lighting Switches

Switches for various lighting. Do not leave the Ice Light switch on for extended periods on the ground, as they become very hot.

Propeller Heat Switches

Propeller Heat can be used in Auto or Manual modes. In Auto, the amps drawn by the propeller heat system can be seen on the propeller heat amp gauge. In Manual mode, the increase in electrical load will not be shown on the prop amp gauge, and can only be seen on the standard load meters.

Beacon and Strobe Light Switches

Turn on the Beacon and Strobe Lights, respectively.

Landing Gear Indication Lights

The Three Green lights indicate that each respective gear leg is in the down and locked position. The bulbs are interchangeable between the positions, to help determine if failure of one of the positions to illuminate is due to a gear malfunction or a burned-out light bulb.

Gear Warning Horn Silence Button

This button will silence the gear warning horn when it has activated due to a low power setting with the landing gear up. Although the horn can be silenced in this scenario, the red landing gear handle lights will remain illuminated.

Prop Synchrophaser

This switch turns on the propeller synchrophaser.

Defrost Air Knob

Controls the flow of conditioned Defrost air to the windshield.