King Air 200 Power Lever Quadrant
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Rudder Trim

Adjust the rudder tab using the rudder trim for optimal coordination in all phases of flight, including single-engine operations.

Aileron Trim

Adjust the trim tab on the left aileron with the aileron trim knob. Ensure the knob is in an appropriate position for takeoff.

Elevator Trim

The elevator trim may be adjusted manually or using the Electric Trim control on either yoke, and should be set in the placarded range for takeoff.

Power Levers

The power levers should be against the Idle Stop for starting and shutdown, and extended holds during ground operations. Do not lift the power levers in flight.

Beta/Reverse Range

Lifting the power levers and moving them aft will cause the propellers to progressively move into the Ground Fin/Beta range for slower taxi speeds or deceleration after landing. The Reverse range is placarded with red and white stripes, and will cause the N1 speed to increase further while the propeller blades enter the reverse range. Exit reverse prior to decelerating through 40 knots.

Power Lever Friction Locks

IMPORTANT: Set the power lever friction locks prior to takeoff, in order to prevent power lever migration during the takeoff roll or after rotation. If the friction locks are loose during takeoff, one or power lever (often the left side) can move aft when the pilot's hand is removed, and the airplane will behave as though there is an engine failure. One power lever moving aft of the power lever quadrant switch will also disable the Auto Feather System.

Propeller Levers

The Propeller Levers are placarded as to the feathering range, and are typically manually feathered during shutdown. Starting with the propellers feathered is also permitted when necessary.

Condition Levers

The Condition Levers must be moved outboard in order to be moved from the Low Idle position to the Fuel Cutoff position.

Flap Lever

The Flap Lever is guarded against inadvertent extension by a metal tab on the copilot side. The lever must be moved to the right in order to move to the Full Down position.

Propeller and Condition Lever Friction Locks

Friction Locks can be set for the propeller and condition levers in order to prevent inadvertent movement.