King Air 200 Pressurization and Flap Indicator
Annunciator PanelPower Lever QuadrantCabin Rate of Climb InstrumentFlap Position IndicatorCabin Altitude and Differential Indicator

Cabin Rate of Climb Instrument

The Cabin Vertical Speed Indicator shows the rate of change in cabin altitude, displayed in thousands of feet per minute.

Flap Position Indicator

The Flap Position Indicator will show the current flap position as a percentage of full flaps. After making a selection with the flap lever, make sure to verify that the flaps have achieved the selected position.

Cabin Altitude and Differential Indicator

This instrument displays the current cabin altitude (long needle), as well as the current PSI being maintained by the pressurization system. A healthy pressurization system will provide for near-red line PSI in cruise flight. Prior to shut down, it should be verified that the pressurization differential PSI is zero.