King Air 200 Warning Annunciator Panel
SparesL/R FIRE ENGL/R FUEL PRESS AnnunciatorALT WARN AnnunciatorINST INV AnnunciatorL/R CHIP DETECT AnnunciatorL/R BLEED AIR FAIL Annunciator


These areas are for optional equipment.


The Left and/or Right Engine Fire Detection annunciators will illuminate when the fire detection system has activated. An engine fire should be verified prior to activating the fire extinguishing system.

L/R FUEL PRESS Annunciator

The Left or Right fuel pressure annunciator will illuminate when inadequate fuel pressure is sensed on the respective side. Illumination of this annunciator likely means that the low-pressure mechanical boost pump on that side has failed, and the electric boost pump should be turned on. Operation with the Fuel Pressure annunciator illuminated is limited to 10 hours between overhaul or replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump.

ALT WARN Annunciator

The Altitude Warning annunciator will illuminate when the cabin altitude exceeds 12,500 feet.

INST INV Annunciator

The Instrument Inverter (INST INV) or INVERTER annunciator, depending on aircraft serial number, illuminates when the selected inverter has failed, or if the inverter selector switch is in the OFF position.

L/R CHIP DETECT Annunciator

The Left or Right Chip Detector warning lights illuminate when contamination is noted in the affected engine's oil. An engine shutdown may be required, depending on the other engine instrument indications.

L/R BLEED AIR FAIL Annunciator

The Left or Right Bleed Air Fail warning annunciator will illuminate when there is a rupture or failed plastic bleed air failure warning line on the indicated side. Illumination of this light could indicate a dangerous bleed air leak. If one of the BLEED AIR FAIL annunciators illuminate, the affected Bleed Air switch should be moved to the INST & ENVIR OFF position per the check list.