Creating Courses

Gavin and I enjoyed course creation and wanted to share a little peek into how we work.  We also wanted to take a moment to introduce a new tool we’ll be bringing into courses.

All courses flow through this rough structure:

  1. Find a course idea
    • Suggestions
    • Available planes and equipment
    • Market
  2. Mark out the key must-have points
    • Regulatory guides (ex. 14 CFR – 61.56)
    • Checklists
    • Experience
  3. Framework building
    • Is it referenceable/easy to lookup?
    • Does the structure match operation?
    • About 18 minutes (or less)
  4. Create the quizzes
    • Is every section in the framework?
    • Questions are used to fill the framework fully.
  5. Fill the framework
    • If it is hard to fill, it will be hard to learn from, return to step 3
    • Logically organize the content 
  6. Create the visuals
    • Record video
    • Take photographs
    • Place content into slideware
  7. Create the videos
    • Audio and animated slides are joined
    • Clips of in-flight video are mixed into the final video 

What's the new technology?

Drill down diagrams and images will now find their way into our courses.

We’ve been looking for a way to allow students to inspect the detailed subsection of a topic without losing place in the larger scope.  To do this we’ve found and implemented highlighted sections with detailed information.

Below is an example testing out the technology.  Our hope is this will provide a great way to display a control panel or diagram and then elaborate on its intricaies. 

Airplane cabin lights
Caution switchesImportant StuffVideos too!

Caution switches

We can now dive into the details of the "Caution" switch.

Ideally, this will allow a good mix of the overall view and an ability to get to the specifics.

Important Stuff

Check out the CABIN LIGHTS

  • Standard
  • Really Important
  • Smoking while flying is so 20th century

Videos too!

We can even add a video if for example, we wanted to talk about this gauge.

Here is our Brake Check video for a sample.