Cessna 172N Throttle Quadrant

Cessna 172N Throttle Quadrant
Carburetor HeatThrottleMixture ControlFlapsElevator TrimRudder TrimAlternate Static SourceFuel Selector

Carburetor Heat

The carburetor heat control is to the left of the throttle; carburetor heat should be used whenever moisture and temperature conditions are likely to form carb icing. The POH recommends using the carb heat when the carburetor temp gauge (if equipped) indicates a temperature between -15 Celsius and +5 Celsius.


The throttle controls engine power; full forward is full power, and full aft is idle. Friction on the throttle control may be varied with the throttle friction lock.

Mixture Control

The mixture control can be moved aft (leaner) or forward (richer) by pressing the button and setting the control to the desired position. The mixture also features a Vernier-type control for fine adjustments.


The flap control is placarded with its limiting speeds, and features detents for the various positions.

Elevator Trim

The elevator trim is a manual wheel on the center pedestal, and is placarded for the Takeoff range.

Rudder Trim

The Rudder Trim control, if equipped, is located on the center pedestal, and placarded with the direction you should move the control to achieve the desired result.

Alternate Static Source

The alternate static source is pulled to activate.

Fuel Selector

The fuel selector features Left, Right and Both positions, as well as a full aft, OFF position. The pointed end of the selector control points to the active position.