Cessna 172S Annunciator

Cessna 172S Annunciator
Low Fuel AnnunciatorOil Pressure AnnunciatorLow Vacuum AnnunciatorLow Volts Annunciator

Low Fuel Annunciator

The Left or Right Low Fuel Annunciator, or both Left and Right Low Fuel Annunciators, will illuminate when the fuel in the associated fuel tank(s) is less than 5 gallons for more than 60 seconds.

Oil Pressure Annunciator

The Oil Pressure Annunciator will illuminate when the oil pressure is less than 20 PSI.

Low Vacuum Annunciator

On airplanes with dual vacuum pumps, the Low Vacuum Annunciator will illuminate when one (or both) of the vacuum pumps are inoperative.

Low Volts Annunciator

The Low Voltage Annunciator will illuminate when the system voltage is less than 24.5 volts.