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Cessna 172 Introduction Course

Become familiar with the systems, limitations, procedures, techniques, and notes that will make your introduction to the Cessna 172 simple! In-flight video is combined with clear, concise multimedia presentations and quizzes, covering all pertinent information to get you started on our journey to proficiency with this popular Cessna aircraft.

With material and in-flight video created and organized by CFIs with thousands of hours of experience, this course focuses on the key points necessary to become familiarized quickly and to get the most out of the Cessna 172, which may be the world’s most popular training aircraft. 

Were your first flights spent looking at the instrument panel to the right?

Everyone is aware of the Skyhawk, even if they haven’t flown one; taking its first flight in June of 1955, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most produced aircraft in the world.

The 172 (a modified variant) even holds the flying endurance record, at 150,000 miles without landing.  That’s 64 days, 22 hours, and 19 minutes of flying, non-stop.

Aviation gauges for 172

Introduction Course Syllabus

Note: while it does not include flight training, this course will help you become a more well-rounded and prepared pilot by covering some of the necessary ground knowledge. 

Need more in-depth training?

This Cessna 172 Introduction course is part of our Free Course Initiative; we will also create an in-depth Cessna 172 Familiarization Course. Releasing on December 1st, the full details of the familiarization course and registration steps can be found on the Cessna 172 Familiarization Course page. Cessna 172 Introduction Course

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